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Lambert Initiative PhD Scholarships

Lambert Initiative PhD Scholarships

We are looking to recruit up to ten new PhD students in 2017 and are offering top-up scholarships of $10,000 p.a. to APA (or equivalent) scholarship recipients who join our team based at the Brain and Mind Centre.


Microscopy Facilities Move

Our new core facility, located on Level 5 of Building G, will soon be ready. We plan to locate all of our equipment within this new space (apart from the confocal/multiphoton system which will remain on Level 1 of Building K).


Key Dates: 

  • Tuesday May 30 until 5pm: last day you can use the equipment. After this time, ACMM staff will be decontaminating, cleaning and decommissioning the equipment, preparing it all for the move.
  • Wednesday May 31 to Friday June 9: ACMM staff will be managing the relocation and will be unavailable to assist any researchers during this time
  • Monday June 5 to Friday June 9: technicians will relocate the equipment and recommission the systems
  • Tuesday 13 June: the equipment should be available for use

To assist with this move, we request that all researchers backup and remove all data from microscope and analysis computers, and remove any slides or personal equipment from the microscopy rooms.


If anyone will be inconvenienced with this move and has experiments to complete, please contact and we will try to assist you in any way that we can. Thank you all for your patience during this move, as we work towards a better microscopy core facility for all. 


Brain and Mind Centre 2017 Seminar Series

We run free events each month featuring guest speakers from across Australia and the world. The seminars take place at the Level 5 Lecture Theatre, 94 Mallett Street. Email to RSVP.

  • February 3 - 'Complex Psychosis: Evidence for a whole system pathway' featuring Professor Helen Killaspy (University College London)
  • April 7 - 'Neural Stem Cell Models of Disorders of Brain and Mind' featuring Associate Professor Mirella Dottori (University of Melbourne)
  • May 5 - 'Connectomics of Affective Disorders' featuring Professor Michael Breakspea (Quensland Institute of Medical Research)
  • June 2 - '21st Century Healthcare' featuring Professor Jane Burns (University of Sydney)
  • August 4 - 'A National Strategy To Child Mental Health' featuring Frank Oberklaid (University of Melbourne)
  • September 1 - 'Mental Health Economics' featuring Associate Professor Cathy Mihalopoulos (Deakin University)
  • November 3 - 'Genomics and Depression' featuring Professor Bernard Baune (University of Adelaide)

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Service updates

New University Service Desks Phone Number

Getting service support just got simpler, with one new number to contact Campus Security, ICT, Human Resources, Campus Infrastructure & Services, Finance, and the University Switchboard. Phone (02) 9351 2000 or remember the extension 12000 on-campus.

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