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Image: students from Sydney Grammar

School students create inexpensive version of a costly drug

Students from Sydney Grammar School, in collaboration with our researchers, reproduce costly drug using open source approach. 


Conservatorium news

Christmas Closure: Building Works

Christmas Closure: Building Works

The Conservatorium main entrance and Music Café will be closed from Monday 19th  December 2016 and re open on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. During this time the building and car park will not be accessible. The building will also be undergoing repairs and maintenance, floors and carpets will be cleaned and the Atrium scaffolded so that lights can be replaced.

This work will continue during the first week of January and access will be limited. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Guy McEwan.

Front of building

Education Day

Education Day will be held on Wednesday 22 February 2017. Attendance is mandatory for all academic staff. Casuals may attend and will be paid for their attendance.  There will be time for Unit Meetings in the afternoon.

Education Day Draft Program

Announcements and notices

Semester 2 2016 Juries and Recitals Schedule

Recitals and juries are now scheduled.   


Here are the instructions for checking your personal panel allocation.  This is the most up-to-date information as it is LIVE, so please ensure you regularly check it as changes and additions are still being made.


To see your panel and accompaniment allocations:


1.      login to staff on line Click this link:

2.      User Name:  this is your Uni key

3.      Password: recital (the password is not your usual Uni password)

If you have any issues please contact Guy McEwan.


Guest lecturers and performers

For every guest invited to SCM, paid or unpaid, an online form (see Guidelines on the SCM intranet) captures any preliminary information about the arrangement, ideally at least one month in advance.  Faculty professional staff then proceed with logistical and artistic support as required.


Please note that two months may be required if the guest does not hold a Australian or NZ passport and does not have a 400 or 420 visa. 


Guest Lecturers and Performers Guidelines


Guidelines - Ad Hoc Projects


Contractor/Employee Assessment Form


Contractor/Employee Assessment Tool Guide

Travelling on University Business

When you organise travel conducted on behalf of the University, such as for study, fieldwork, meetings and conferences, it must be formally authorised by the Dean before departure using FRAEDOM (formerly SPENDVISION). Click here for more information.

Student and Staff Card Programming

Programing rooms on staff and student cards is now processed by Security Services on Main Campus to align with Uni Policy. Rodney Boatwright (Facilities Support Officer) will no longer complete this task. Grant Crompton (Campus Manager) and Guy McEwan (Venue Ops Manager) will manage this process. Rodney will be able to check card access. Click here for more information.

Student Musician Requests

The Conservatorium receives a high volume of requests for student musicians. Kate Drain coordinates these requests, so kindly email Kate with the requestor’s contact details and she will advertise the requirement to all students. 

Visas and visitors

Every non-Australian visitor requires the appropriate visa for the activities they perform at the Con, whether paid or unpaid. The University’s Immigration Officer requires 8 weeks’ notice in advance of intent to engage a visitor, especially where a visitor will be requiring a University-sponsored Entertainment (420) visa. Contact Heggy for more information.

2016 SCM Annual Research Day

The 2016 SCM Annual Research Day focused on the SCM Research Strategy, changes to HDR processes, library support for research, industry and community engagement, research reporting and grants and the question of what artistic research is. To revisit the presentations, please view the presentation slides here.  


Important dates

1 Dec

SCM 2017 Internal Research Project Grants

Applications for SCM 2017 Internal Research Project Grants will open on Thursday, 3 November. The updated guidelines are already available for those who want to start their preparations. The online form will open on 3 November.

All applications must be received by Thursday, 1 December 2016 5 pm.

If you have any questions, contact Christa Jacenyik-Trawoger.

5 Dec

End of the 2016 Financial Year - Critical key dates

As we are coming closer to the End of the 2016 Financial Year please click on this link for all critical key dates.


Expenditures for Invoices need to be approved, coded and submitted by no later than November 18th 2016.


Purchase Orders no later than December 2nd 2016.


All Invoices need to be raised by no later than November 25th 2016.


All Fraedom transactions need to be coded by December 5th 2016. Please do not use corporate cards after December 5th 2016.


If you have any major concerns please contact Sharon Chambers/Lynn Kam as soon as possible

Service updates

Adobe Acrobat License Expiry

You may experience problems with access to Adobe Acrobat Pro X and XI because the license version used across the University’s Adobe Acrobat installations needs to be updated.

New University Service Desks Phone Number

Getting service support just got simpler, with one new number to contact Campus Security, ICT, Human Resources, Campus Infrastructure & Services, Finance, and the University Switchboard. Phone (02) 9351 2000 or remember the extension 12000 on-campus.