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News and initiatives

Service updates

Written Exam Timetable

Semester 1 Written Exam Timetable. Please note the changes. The changes have been made due to the number of students that the venues can fit.

Slides from Annual Research Day 2015

Research Day 2015 - Information and links.

Slides developed for SCM Research Development Day, 27 February 2015, covering the following topics: * Overview of SCM research support; * New initiatives for 2015 (including Professional Practice, new requirements for research reporting); * The art of the research statement; * The new publishing landscape (open access, recognising predatory journals, and more); * SCM Higher Degree Research overview (Kathleen Nelson).

Visas and visitors

Every non-Australian visitor requires the appropriate visa for the activities they perform at the Con, whether paid or unpaid. Visitors must consult their Embassy for visa advice, and the University, as employer, must have a copy of every visitor’s visa before any activities commence.  

It is mandatory for all staff to advise Heggy at least one month in advance of intent to engage a visitor. She will then liaise with your visitor and guide them through the process. 

You can download relevant policies and forms from the Learning & Teaching support pages.

Important dates

14 Oct

OLT Grants Round 2016

The Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) has announced that there will be one grant round only for the 2016 year. It will cover Innovation and Development Grants and Strategic Priority Commissioned Grants. The closing date for internal submissions is 14 October.  

21 Oct

Linkage Project Scheme 2016

The Linkage Projects scheme provides funding to Eligible Organisations to support research and development (R&D) projects which are collaborative between higher education researchers and other parts of the national innovation system.   The internal close date is Wednesday 21st October 2015.  Check the Research Portfolio web page for the release of information and resources including the Writing Strategy Guide, salary scales, and template agreements.

30 Oct

Equipment Grants Now Open

The NHMRC Equipment Grant and the University of Sydney Collaborative Equipment Grant Schemes open next week for applications. The two schemes will run concurrently using a single application form. Applications close 5:00 PM Friday the 30th October 2015. Funding is available to support total or partial cost of equipment. Applications may be made for equipment planned for purchase in 2016. Requests of up to $200,000 will be considered. Where the application is for part funding of a purchase greater than $200,000, funding for the remainder must already have been secured and evidence for this funding must be supplied with this application.

Please contact Adrienne Sach or Adam Wilson if you wish to include any news items on the staff intranet pages.