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Image: Mardi Gras fair day

Roaring with Pride: The University of Sydney makes a splash at Fair Day

At its first ever Fair Day stall, the University of Sydney brought staff and students together to celebrate diversity. 

Conservatorium news

Follow Me Print

Follow Me Print

Follow Me Print has been rolled out to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Staff, along with nominated affiliates and students will now be able to use their staff/affiliate/student card to print, copy and scan on a multifunction device provided under the University’s contract with print service provider, CSG.  

Simply tap on your staff card to the reader (tap card on/off), select the print job you need and collect your documents on any follow me enabled printer – don’t forget to tap off your staff card!

Click here for more information

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Education Day

Education Day will be held on Wednesday 22 February 2017. Attendance is mandatory for all academic staff, and the 9am-10am session, "Positive Workplace Culture - Addressing Bullying and Harassment" is mandatory for all staff (professional staff included).

Casuals Academic staff are invited and will be paid for their attendance.  Morning tea and lunch will be provided. Stewart Nestel is the contact for any questions

Education Day Program

Announcements and notices

Guest lecturers and performers

For every guest invited to SCM, paid or unpaid, an online form (see Guidelines on the SCM intranet) captures any preliminary information about the arrangement, ideally at least one month in advance.  Faculty professional staff then proceed with logistical and artistic support as required.


Please note that two months may be required if the guest does not hold a Australian or NZ passport and does not have a 400 or 420 visa. 


Guest Lecturers and Performers Guidelines


Guidelines - Ad Hoc Projects


Contractor/Employee Assessment Form


Contractor/Employee Assessment Tool Guide

Travelling on University Business

When you organise travel conducted on behalf of the University, such as for study, fieldwork, meetings and conferences, it must be formally authorised by the Dean before departure using FRAEDOM (formerly SPENDVISION). Click here for more information.

Student and Staff Card Programming

Programing rooms on staff and student cards is now processed by Security Services on Main Campus to align with Uni Policy. Rodney Boatwright (Facilities Support Officer) will no longer complete this task. Grant Crompton (Campus Manager) and Guy McEwan (Venue Ops Manager) will manage this process. Rodney will be able to check card access. Click here for more information.

Student Musician Requests

The Conservatorium receives a high volume of requests for student musicians. Kate Drain coordinates these requests, so kindly email Kate with the requestor’s contact details and she will advertise the requirement to all students. 

Visas and visitors

Every non-Australian visitor requires the appropriate visa for the activities they perform at the Con, whether paid or unpaid. The University’s Immigration Officer requires 8 weeks’ notice in advance of intent to engage a visitor, especially where a visitor will be requiring a University-sponsored Entertainment (420) visa. Contact Heggy for more information.

Congratulations to Matthew Hindson

Congratulations to Matthew Hindson on the recent birth of his 2nd baby, Clarence George Hindson.  Mother and baby are both doing well, and Matthew tells me that his daughter Mabel loves her new baby brother, which is a huge relief.

Important dates

22 Feb

Positive Workplace Culture - Addressing Bullying and Harassment

The University is fully committed to providing an environment free of bullying, harassment and discrimination and respects the right of all staff and students to be treated with dignity. The University’s policy on this matter, enacted last year, is at the core of the Strategic Plan’s cultural values - see pages 43-44.


In order to prevent or effectively resolve any instances at an early stage, this session will help all staff to understand what bullying, harassment and discrimination is and what support is available. 


Given the health and safety risk to those affected, the Dean has deemed attendance at this session to be mandatory for all staff, including the professional team.  It is the opening session of Education Day at 9am - 10am on Wednesday 22 February in Recital Hall East.  Please schedule this important commitment in your diary.

6 Mar

Unit of Study template for Semester 1, 2017

Please click here the UoS template for Semester 1, 2017.


Please note that there are a few things in here that are new, and if you are using your own UoS template, you must include:


* The links between Graduate Qualities and what you are doing in this UoS must be explicitly stated and explained.


* The new Standard Assessment Table.  You must use this and you are not free to change the wording etc.  (This is mandated by the Learning and Teaching Policy).


* The new Anonymous Assessment provision – students are not allowed to put their name on the document they submit, just their student number.  This is for text-based assignments, and obviously won’t work for recitals, performances, program notes, composition portfolios, scaffolded assignments etc.  The point of this is to avoid bias as much as possible.


It is probably going to be easier for you to use this template, but up to you.

27 Jul

2017 SCM Research Day

The 2017 SCM Research Day will take place on Thursday, 27 July in Recital Hall East between 9:30am and 4.30pm.

Please note that it is faculty policy that attendance at the Research Day is compulsory for all academic staff.

Service updates

New University Service Desks Phone Number

Getting service support just got simpler, with one new number to contact Campus Security, ICT, Human Resources, Campus Infrastructure & Services, Finance, and the University Switchboard. Phone (02) 9351 2000 or remember the extension 12000 on-campus.

Core network upgrade on 25 February

ICT is upgrading the University's network infrastructure on Saturday 25 February. Some faculty and enterprise services may experience interruptions.