The University of Sydney Nano Institute


On behalf of Professor Benjamin Eggleton, Director, Sydney Nano - you are invited to engage with The University of Sydney Nano Institute.

Membership Structure and Roles

The goal of Sydney Nano is to consolidate and support the University’s leading research in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Engagement with Sydney Nano represents an important and strategic choice. It signifies your role in our cross-faculty, interdisciplinary research and education community and your willingness to connect with others, share knowledge and pursue exciting and innovative research and education outcomes within this strategic initiative of the University of Sydney.

Your engagement with Sydney Nano will create opportunities to tap into a community of researchers which you would otherwise find it more difficult to connect with. As such, your participation in our research and education activities will expand your network of leading research collaborators who can provide additional knowledge and input into your current research programs, beyond your own immediate area of expertise. Our approach will ensure that you will have opportunities to connect with researchers across the University and other external partners. This will add value to the University’s research activities, as well as your own.

There are three levels of commitment for your engagement with Sydney Nano: as a Member, as a Participant, or as part of the Community. For further information please download Sydney Nano Membership structure (PDF 487KB) as endorsed by the UE Board in November 2016. 


Sydney Nano membership is the highest level of commitment to Sydney Nano engagement. As a Sydney Nano Member, you will lead one or more relevant research projects and be pro-active in creating new opportunities for collaboration, high level funding applications, innovative education strategies, co-supervision of research students as well as engagement with industry, business and government.

To become a Member, please contact and we will contact you personally to discuss your benefits and our expectations.


Sydney Nano Participants are actively engaged with Sydney Nano. As a Participant, you may be a PhD Student or PostDoc working with a Chief Investigator on a Sydney Nano related project who is a Sydney Nano Member, use occasionally the Sydney Nanoscience Hub Core Research Facility (CRF) or contribute to Sydney Nano Domain and Theme networks.

To become a Participant, please complete a Participant EoI (PDF 475KB) and email to and we will send you a form to submit with further information about the benefits of being a Participant and our expectations.


As part of the Sydney Nano Community, you will receive information about Sydney Nano activities in your field of interest and general information about news in the nanoscience and nanotechnology world, as well as invitations to Sydney Nano events.

To join our Community, please submit an Community EoI (PDF 475KB) to

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