The University of Sydney Nano Institute


Our research is organised into three Themes and four Domains. Three themes are alinged with key societal challenges:


Our research is organised into three themes that directly alingned with key societal challenges and will help build a knowledge- and technology-based economy. These themes are:

Theme Description
Energy and Environment Finding sustainable approaches to energy generation, storage and distribution to meet 21st century needs.
Health and Medicine Improving disease detection, diagnosis and treatment with nanotechnologies.
Communications, Computing and Security Building the next generation of information technology hardware to enable the knowledge economy.

Domains of expertise

Domains of expertise form our people-based platform, representing our areas of research strength and intellectual resources. Four research Domains currently exist:

Domains Description
Quantum Science The Quantum Science domain explores the fundamental science of the quantum world and seeks to harness its unusual properties to develop powerful new technologies to enable faster and more secure computation, more precise measurement and sensing, and more efficient simulation of new materials.
Nano-Photonics Nanophotonics is the science and application of light at the nanoscale, where photons are controlled and manipulated to develop new technologies in communication, imaging, sensing.
Materials on Nanoscale The Materials on Nanoscale domain applies the latest discoveries and techniques in materials science and engineering to synthesise and apply innovative materials to ensure a sustainable future for humanity.
Molecular Nanoscience The Molecular Nanoscience domain encompasses research in the mechanisms of assembly, structure and function of nanomaterials, with a focus on their atomic and molecular composition and structure. 


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