The University of Sydney Nano Institute


Our research is organised into three Themes and four Domains. Three themes are alinged with key societal challenges:


Our research is organised into three themes that directly alingned with key societal challenges and will help build a knowledge- and technology-based economy. These themes are:

Theme Description
Energy and Environment Finding sustainable approaches to energy generation, storage and distribution to meet 21st century needs.
Health and Medicine Improving disease detection, diagnosis and treatment with nanotechnologies.
Communications, Computing and Security Building the next generation of information technology hardware to enable the knowledge economy.

Domains of expertise

Domains of expertise form our people-based platform, representing our areas of research strength and intellectual resources. Four research Domains currently exist:

Domains Description
Quantum Science Quantum information theory and cryptography; quantum computing and simulation; quantum device engineering; quantum control and precision metrology.
Nano-Photonics Nanoscale photonic chips and hybrid nano-plasmonic and electro-optical-phononic circuits; next-generation integrated circuit technologies; on-chip system architectures; detection and sensing systems; microfluidic devices; metamaterials and nonlinear optics.
Materials on Nanoscale Novel nanoscale structures and functionality of materials and systems; advanced characterization and measurement; modeling and simulation of many-body systems; nanoporous materials and interfaces. 
Molecular Nanoscience Synthetic and biological nanoparticles; nanomedicine and targeted drug delivery; advanced nano-bio-spectroscopy and imaging; nano-biosensors for biomarker detection; cell interfacing and biocompatible surfaces; polymer science; self-assembly and synthesis of novel nanostructures; DNA nanotechnology.


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