The University of Sydney Nano Institute

Current programs and projects

The Sydney Nano strategy promotes interdisciplinary research and engagement through the three Themes: Energy and Environment, Health and Medicine, and Communications, Computing and Security and the four Domains, Quantum Science, Nanophotonics, Materials on Nanoscale and Molecular Nanoscience.

Engagement in these strategic priority areas is facilitated through the following programs and projects:

Flagship Programs

Flagships are ambitious, long-term research programs with levels of funding commensurate with a Center of Excellence and coordinated national and international collaborators with established team track records. The Sydney Nanoscience Hub building currently supports flagships program directly addressing our three research Themes: Eenrgy and Environment, Health and Medicine and Communications, Computing and Security. More about Sydney Nano Flagship Programs...

Foundation Projects

Foundation Projects are smaller-scale projects with levels of funding commensurate with ARC/NHMRC Projects Grants. Currently, there are approximately 30 Foundation Projects. More about Sydney Nano Foundation Projects...

Accelerator Projects

The Accelerator Research projects will establish strong foundations upon which the Sydney Nano’s future research programs can be built. They also highlight the societal context for the Sydney Nano research program, emphasising the institute’s focus on the grand challenges facing our society and the potential impact the research will have on our lives. More about Sydney Nano Accelerator Projects...

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