The University of Sydney Nano Institute

Sydney Nanoscience Hub

Sydney Nano represents the University's newest interdisciplinary research initiative.

From the outset, the Sydney Nanoscience Hub (SNH) was designed to be a flagship building institutionally, nationally, and beyond by hosting facilities in high-end nanofabrication and advanced electron microscopy, as well as research laboratories dedicated to photonics, quantum science and precision metrology. It is the most technically sophisticated building of its kind in Australia, and amongst just a few of its type and performance, world-wide. The SNH has been designed explicitly to enable frontier scientific research and its translation to innovative technologies that cannot be conducted anywhere else in Australia.

This considerable planning effort has resulted in the construction of the world-class Research and Prototype Foundry (RPF) cleanroom, the Sydney Microscopy & Microanalysis (SMM) high-resolution microscope suites and enabled the construction of an exceptional quantum control laboratory that is unrivalled in the world. The RPF and SMM Core Research Facilities will serve as critical enabling research capabilities for Sydney Nano.


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