The University of Sydney Nano Institute

Operations and support

In this section you will find administrative resources for SNH staff and researchers.

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Support teams

As a cross-faculty, multi disciplinary university centre, Sydney Nano is supported by existing faculty structures and the university’s shared service operations units.

Additionally the Sydney Nano executive and academics are supported by a small Administrative Services Unit (ASU), to assist in operations, strategy and delivery of the institute’s research and education programs.

Administrative Services Unit


Contact details

Dr Gunther Schmidt

Chief Operating Officer


T: 8627 5207  M: 0438 546 850

Trudy Fernan

Senior Project Officer


T: 9036 9050

Michelle Sullivan

Executive Assistant


T: 9114 1450

Eugena Li

Project Officer


T: 8627 6837

John Janetzki

Project Administrator


T: 8627 6803

Campus Infrastructure Services (CIS)

Name  Contact details 

Steven McCutcheon



Sydney Nanoscience Hub, Facility Engineer


T: 91142199

Jennifer Mill (ISS)


Sydney Nanoscience Hub, Reception


T: 8627 4377

Core Research Facilities 

Name  Contact details 

Simon Fleming


Research and Prototype Foundry, Academic Director


T: 9114 0851

Nadia Court

Research and Prototype Foundry, Facility and Program Manager


T: 8627 8671

Isabel Prone

Research and Prototype Foundry, Administration


T: 8627 8118


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