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Sydney Nanoscience Hub features and facilities


Q: What storage is available?

A: Each team area has a number of tambour cabinets.  See the intranet for more information on managing your research data and records. Keys to storage units will be provided by Steven McCutcheon, SNH Facility Engineer.


Q: Can we take storage cabinets in to the SNH?

A: No. See the ICT Quick reference Guide and intranet for more information on managing your research data and records.


Q: What files will fit in the storage cabinets?

A: The storage cabinets will fit lever arch files. 


Q. Can we take extra furniture into SNH?

A: No. Each team area or individual office is equipped with appropriate furniture as specified. No extra furniture or flat pack storage is to be used.


Q: Can I have pictures, posters, pinboards, whiteboards or other extra items hung on my office wall?

A: Whiteboards are provided throughout the office areas and meeting rooms. Any additional material is to be hung on walls via the hanging wire system to be installed. Please contact Trudy Fernan, Sydney Nano Senior Project Officer to discuss your requirements.


Q: Are there printers in research areas? 

A: Yes, there is one MFD (multi-function device) printer at the western office space and one in the central office space of level 3 and level 4 of the SNH. These printers are serviced with requisites by CSG. Printers are configured for SydPay - more information can be obtained from ICT.


Q: Is there a poster and exam printing facility?

A: There are no large poster or exam printing facilities in the SNH.  Print requirements should be discussed with Brand and Marketing Services.


Q: Can printers be relocated to the SNH?

A: There are two multi-function printers on each floor. No additional printers have been approved for relocation, unless they are attached to a piece of research equipment and previously agreed with the SNH Facility Engineer.


Q: Can I bring electrical equipment into the building?

A: All electrical equipment is provided by the University.  If you have additional requirements for electrical equipment, you must seek approval from SNH Facility Engineer.


Q: When will card access to the SNH building be provided?

A: Once each person has completed their online SNH building induction via CareerPath and any appropriate lab inductions via their Research Leader, an online access request form must be submitted for relevant approval - access will be encoded to your staff card.


Q: Are all meeting spaces bookable spaces?

A: Level 3 meeting rooms 3017 and 3024 are bookable via Outlook calendar (Search *A31 in University’s global directory). Level 4 meeting rooms are booked through Michelle Sullivan, Sydney Nano Executive Assistant.

In addition all meeting rooms have a digital meeting display unit located on entry. A green light is displayed when meeting room is free, a red light is displayed when meeting room is booked. A calendar displays the daily bookings. On screen booking can be made for level 3 meeting rooms only. A pin number to book on screen is provided to SNH Occupants. It is recommended the on screen option is used only for opportunistic short term bookings use as the booking will display SNH admin as the meeting name. Please continue to use Outlook for your general meeting requests as your meeting name will then appear on the display.


Q: Will the calendars include information about the meeting room type and seating capacity?

A: Yes, the meeting room listing includes the seating capacity. 


Q: What is the internal mail process?

A: The building is serviced by a concierge, email:  

Outgoing mail: Please leave internal and external mail with SNH reception by 11am for daily postal collection.

Incoming mail distribution: SNH reception will advise recipients via email if they have received mail, to be collect from reception. 

Please ensure you provide the correct postal address:

Sydney Nanoscience Hub

Building A31 (Entry via Physics Road)

The University of Sydney

NSW 2006


Q: Who is my HR contact when I am in the SNH?

A: The HR Service Centre is your first point of contact for your day-to-day HR needs.  If you require advice about staff training and development, workplace conflict or health and safety matters, please contact the relevant human resources team member.


Q: Can we have indoor plants or pets in the SNH?

A: No. Indoor plants or pets may not be bought into the SNH.


Q: How do I use the lockers in the bathrooms on each floor?

A: The lockers in the central storage areas are available for all staff to use, with no single designated owner. Each time you use a new locker, you will need to set your own five-digit pin. At the end of each day the locker should be left open for general use the next day.


Q: Where do I put my rubbish and recycling?

A: Each floor is fitted with general waste and recycling bins, including secure destruction bins for confidential papers.


Q: Is there bicycle parking available for staff and students?

A: Bicycle parking racks are available outside the building for students and staff. Bikes should only be chained to designated rails not disability or access hand-rails.

Please contact if you have any queries. 

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