The University of Sydney Nano Institute

Inductions and access

This page provides information to help you access the online induction module for working in the SNH and access request for your staff, student or contractor card. 

SNH Inductions: 

Staff, Affiliates and research students:

All staff, affiliates and research students working within the hub are required to complete the following:

1.  The University's online Work Health & Safety (WHS) induction

2.  The Sydney Nanoscience Hub online Workplace Induction

3.  Local induction for the specific laboratory you will be working in, if applicable.

1.  Work Health and Safety induction

The General University Work Health and Safety induction - must be completed by all new staff, affiliates and research students.  This online induction package, accessed through CareerPath, will take no longer than 30 minutes to complete and will introduce you to the University's health & safety management system.

2.  SNH Building induction

Before you start work in the SNH you must have completed the online SNH induction module for the building. Completion of the induction is a strict requirement prior to gaining access to the building. 

      University staff members:

  • Log in to CareerPath via the Intranet using your UniKey. The link to CareerPath is located under Systems Login.

  • On the CareerPath home page conduct a search for Sydney Nanoscience Hub. You should then see all training under that heading. 

  • Select Sydney Nanoscience Hub Workplace Induction - General

  • To begin the induction module(s), click on the 'Launch'  button

    Non-university staff, including affiliates and PhD and honours students:

  • Are required to register using the CareerPath self-registration module, by following the following steps:

  • Click on  the self-registration link

  • Complete the self-registration, ensuring you record the username and password information provided as you will need this for future modules

  • Once you are registered, you will be directed to the CareerPath home page

  • To return to CareerPath to complete further inductions follow the link e-mailed to you at registration.

3.  Research laboratories

Specific lab inductions are required and supervised by the relevant lab's Research Leader. 

External contractors:

 All external contractors must complete both the CIS contractor campus induction and the building-specific induction. 

  • Access the online induction module

  • Follow the Instructions to Register Online

  • This will take you to the CareerPath home page. The induction modules are titled CIS Contractor Induction and Sydney Nanoscience Hub Workplace Induction - Services and Trades (Basic)

  • CIS contractor Induction should be listed under the "My Training" heading on the right-hand side of the page

  • If you have completed the CIS Contractor Induction, please search for "Sydney Nanoscience Hub".  You should then see all training under that heading.

  • Sydney Nanoscience Hub Workplace Induction - Services and Trades (Basic)

  • To begin the induction training, click on the "Launch" button.   

Building Access:

Staff, Affiliates and research students & contractors:

Once you have completed the online building and, where appropriate, any lab induction you can submit the online Access Request Form.

You will need to be logged into Microsoft Office 365 to submit an access request. Please see the Access Request Toolkit (PDF 490K) for more information.

Access requests will be processed on approval of relevant location approvers and supervisors. 

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