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The Sydney Undergraduate Experience. Our new undergraduate curriculum. We’ve reimagined the Sydney Undergraduate Experience with our future students front of mind. Why the change? To give ALL of our students an educational experience to prepare them for a future full of possibilities, including their ability to influence the world. Education leaders have researched and designed a curriculum to address the change, particularly the change for university education, focusing on graduate

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Louise Bannerman discusses Disability Awareness Week and how staff can engage with Disability Services.

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If you would like to find out more about how you can support and promote LGBTIQ inclusion in the workplace or if have any questions please contact ... Contact. Email:  louise.bannerman@sydney.edu.au.



Sheet1. Responsibility Centres as at 22nd February 2018. Member Name. Alias. Posting Level. Organisation Reporting. Responsibility Centres. RC Status. Framework Type. RC_MGTREPT. A0000_TOTAL_UNSYD. 50000_DVC_PROVOST. DVC &Provost (50000_DVC_PROVOST). 50100_PROV. DVC &Provost Exc Faculties (50100_PROV). 51000_PROV_OFF. Office of the DVC &Provost (51000_PROV_OFF). 51100_PROV_OFF. Office of the DVC &Provost (51100_PROV_OFF). 51110_PROV_OFF. Office of the DVC &Provost (51110_PROV_OFF). 51001.

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Prof Louise Sharpe (S2). Executive Support: . members only). The second Friday of every second month (starting in March).  .