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University to mark World AIDS Day - News - Intranet

For further information, contact Diversity and Inclusion Officer Louise Bannerman by email at louise.bannerman@sydney.edu.au or by phone on 9036 4758.

Contact Student Recruitment - Contacts & campuses - Intranet

Contact Student Recruitment. Directorate. Role. Name. Executive Director, Global Student Recruitment. Executive Assistant.  . Operations. Role. Name. Executive Manager, Operations. Strategic Projects Manager. Manager,  Information Systems . Project Manager. Logistics Officer. Market Intelligence Manager. Administration Assistant. Finance Officer. Data Scientist (Wed &Thur). Manager, Information Quality.  . Student Recruitment and Outreach (Aus &NZ). Role. Name. Associate Director,

University MOOCs in the pipeline - News - Intranet

Development team: Associate Professor Louise Nash, Professor Ian Hickie AM, Associate Professor Loyola Maclean, Dr Christopher Austin, Professor Alan Rosen AO (Brain and Mind Research Institute); Professor Philip Boyce (Sydney Medical

2015 - News - Intranet

Louise Bannerman discusses Disability Awareness Week and how staff can engage with Disability Services.

The University in the media - News - Intranet

Associate Professor Chris Griffiths from Sydney Medical School, Dr Rico Merkert from Sydney Business School, Associate Professor Louise Rowling from Sydney Medical School, Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor from the United

Five minutes with Mark Smith - News - Intranet

Picture: Louise Bannerman, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and Mark Smith at the Mardi Gras briefing.

ARC Announcement 1 November 2016 - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences - Intranet

Andrew Fitzmaurice, History, SLAM. Roland Fletcher, Archaeology, SOPHI and team: Dan Penny, Martin Polkinghorne, Damian Evans, Christophe Pottier, Mitch Hendrickson, Miriam Stark, Louise Cort,  and Ashley Thompson      .

Disability Action Plan achievements - News - Intranet

For more information and to register for the event, please contact Louise Bannerman, Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

New undergraduate curriculum – FAQs - Faculty of Science - Intranet

New undergraduate curriculum – FAQs. Can students still complete a three year Bachelor of Science? Yes. Students can enrol in a three year Bachelor of Science (BSc), or they apply for and enrol in a four year Bachelor Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (BSc/BAS). Whilst studying students can opt to transfer into or out of the combined degree. Completion of a major or program from Science Table A and a minor, or second major from Science Table A or Table S is a requirement of the Bachelor of

Five Minutes with Jane Currie - News - Intranet

Which podcasts are you listening to at the moment? Most recently I’ve been listening to Dr Louise Mahler.

Back in five minutes - News - Intranet

Back in five minutes. 12 December 2016. We’ve spent ‘five minutes with’ more than 100 talented and diverse colleagues from across the University in our weekly profile series. We look back at some memorable moments and catch up with a few of our Five Minutes With favourites. We’ve met colleagues on our campuses far and wide – from Westmead’sthe Con's Dr James Humberstone, to Andy Hodgkins, Manager of the University's One Tree Island Research Station at the Great Barrier Reef. Equity

Are you passionate about LGBTIQ rights? - News - Intranet

For more information about the Ally Network Steering Committee staff and student representative positions and/or to express your interest, contact Louise Bannerman,  Diversity and Inclusion Officer, HR at