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Dias. HDR. Ronald Clarke. 317. Joshua. Dilly. HDR. Richard Payne. ... Stefano. Tomasi. HDR. Ivan Kassal. Elisabeth. Tondl . HDR. Trevor Hambley.



RCextract07062022. Responsibility Centres as at 7 June 2022. Responsibility Centres. Responsibility Centre Description. RC Status. Segment Reporting Type. Segment Reporting Sub-type. RC_MGTREPT. A0000_TOTAL_UNSYD. 50000_DVC_PROVOST. DVC & Provost (50000_DVC_PROVOST). 50100_PROV. DVC & Provost Exc Faculties (50100_PROV). 51000_PROV_OFF. Office of the DVC & Provost (51000_PROV_OFF). 51100_PROV_OFF. Office of the DVC & Provost (51100_PROV_OFF). 51110_PROV_OFF. Office of the DVC & Provost



Responsibility Centres Responsibility Centre Description RC Status Segment Reporting Type Segment Reporting Sub‐type  RC_MGTREPT  A0000_TOTAL_UNSYD  50000_DVC_PROVOST DVC & Provost (50000_DVC_PROVOST) 50100_PROV DVC & Provost Exc Faculties (50100_PROV) 51000_PROV_OFF Office of the DVC & Provost (51000_PROV_OFF) 51100_PROV_OFF Office of the DVC & Provost (51100_PROV_OFF) 51110_PROV_OFF Office of the DVC & Provost (51110_PROV_OFF) 51001

June - Intranet

Trevor Woods has been appointed as the University’s Chief Information Officer, commencing 9 September 2019.

SAGE gender equality in STEMM - Intranet

The Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor Trevor Hambley, chairs the University’s SAGE SAT and believes the program will help drive cultural, institutional and organisational change so that women

Five minutes with Renae Ryan - Intranet

We have also set up a SAGE Advisory Council with 14 senior leaders and people of influence to advise Professor Trevor Hambley and myself who co-chair the self-assessment team.

SAGE pilot program launch - Intranet

Hosted by Professor Trevor Hambley, Dean, Faculty of Science and chair of the University’s SAGE Self-Assessment Team, the launch will consist of two sessions.

Staff honoured at Alumni Awards - Intranet

John also thanked his PhD supervisory consisting of Professor Trevor Parmenter, Dr Michelle Donelly and Dr Susan Colmar for their support and ability to tolerate his "high level hyperactivity".

Putting people first to create a healthy university - Intranet

Design and Planning), Professor Trevor Hancock (University of Victoria, Canada), Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn (Chair, Healthy Sydney University). ... From left to right: Ms Victoria Bolton (CIS), Dr Jennifer Kent (Architecture), Professor Trevor Hancock, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Duncan Ivison.

New Dean of Science - Intranet

I am delighted Trevor will remain within the University community to continue his research,” said Professor Garton. ... Dr Michael Spence. Professor Young will formally commence as dean on 12 July, when Professor Trevor Hambley’s term ends.

25 - Intranet

Universities must put people first to maximise success, according to recent visiting scholar Professor Trevor Hancock (University of Victoria, Canada) during his visit to the University on 22 September.

2019 - Intranet

. Assessment of University buildings containing aluminium cladding. 19 December 2019. Earlier this year, a number of the University’s buildings were identified by the NSW government as requiring investigation into materials contained within their wall cladding. Some buildings have been identified as needing to be upgraded, however there is no immediate risk to building occupants. To better control insurance costs, the University has introduced excess limits on some insurance policies and a

Five Minutes with Michael Bowen - Intranet

Dr Michael Bowen (right) with Dean of Science Professor Trevor Hambley at the Eureka Prize ceremony in 2016, where he won the Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher.

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Key contacts. Trevor Woods. Chief Information Officer. ...

Messages from the ICT executive team - Intranet

17 - Steven Bennett, New Head of Cyber Security (Trevor Woods, 17 Sep 10:45am). ... 17 - Happy New Year! Welcome Back! (Trevor Woods, 6:31am). Emails from the ICT leadership team - 2021.

New Head of School and Dean of Veterinary Science - Intranet

University.”. Professor Trevor Hambley, Dean of the Faculty of Science, said he looks forward to welcoming Professor Allan as part of his faculty’s leadership team. ... His experience means he will be highly capable of developing both external and internal partnerships for the Sydney School of Veterinary Science,” said Professor Trevor Hambley.

Career Insight session focuses on strategy - Intranet

The second session in the series, The Strategic Academic was opened by Professor Trevor Hambley, Dean Faculty of Science and led by Dr Shelda Debowski, a higher education consultant.